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A Look At February
viggo cowboy
February was a rough month. Not sure what happened there but I guess it's to be expected. It could have been a lot worse though.

At 8,311 I wrote a couple more thousand words than last month. I've been making steady progress on my Forbidden Love fic which is the huge Wesley/Riker project I'm working on. I've also made some progress on a smaller Wesley/Riker fic. And I'm still enjoying it so that's good.

I didn't read. Well, I started reading a het historical romance near the end of the month but I haven't made much progress on it. I still blame that book I read last month. Ugh.

Went to see Riverdance because hubby likes it. Can't say that I'm much of a fan. Some of the stuff is awesome but overall I'd rather not.

Knitting and yarn were both issues this month. I struggled with some of my knitting and I had some yarn issues. All has been resolved and I did finish some projects. These two are my favorites:



I ended my month with an upset stomach and an awful headache. Today seems to be going better so it's time to get back to my writing :)

And since it's March it is officially Rodeo Month!!! One of the few things these days that I get truly excited for.

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Sorry that February was a rough month for you. :/

The scarf and the hat look just wonderful :)

Sorry you are having such a rough time.

Your knitting looks amazing though! I love that hat! I would love to have the pattern if you are willing to share.

Also Riverdance is amazing, your husband has good taste lol.

Hope March goes better for you!!

I believe it was the twentieth anniversary for Riverdance. He's been watching nearly the entire time. He absolutely loves it.

Are you on Ravelry? It's the Darla hat.

Thanks :)

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