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Friends Only
wesley/riker love

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*snogs your banner* Loverly!

i promise i'll update soon
must see something first...

I Lurve your Banner!

hehe I better be one of your friends...

wouldn't dream of leaving you behind
and by the way
congrats on the one millionth post
so happy to hear it was you and not one of...
well anyway

haven't heard from you in a while nic! glad you're back!
the banner is smashing.. haha.


wannaa add me?!

NIC! i haven't talked to you in forever!

it's me Rin, do you wanna add me?

oh, and btw, I absolutely love the Notebook. amazing. I swear I could say that moving word for word. hahah.

Your layout is really freaking cool!

So I answered my own question about Natalie.. haha I would know it

I do like this!! =)

omg nicole! you'll never believe who this is! you should guess. i mean i know its your journal and all. but if i can figure who you are from your trail of schools, im sure you can figure out who this is ;)

if you do you should add me and/or comment on my journal :)


omg chris!
let's see
the picture, the fiuchris and signing it chris
kinda gave it all away...
of course i'll add you!

Don't forget I can't check myspace here at training, only at if you need me, feel free to use this, email, or text msg me (I sneak a look during breaks) :)

it wasn't important
just wanted to know if you brought your camera
cause i don't have a digital

Hello... I like your fanfic. Can I friend you? :)

I'm friending back :)

Edited at 2010-06-05 03:00 am (UTC)

Hi I think you're cool. Can I add you?

It's kueble from Twitter. Friending you over here as well :D

I would really love to be friends with you! You are a great writer and I like your stories very much :-)! Can I add you? And can you add me back? Pretty please? *offers chocolate-covered naked Castiel and Spencer* ;-)
Have a wonderful day!!

Sure! And thanks :)
I'm friending you back.

Well since we plan to start a BigBang :D

Hello! I think your fics are fantastic, and would love to see more. Friends?

Sure! There's really not much behind the lock though :)

I really like your fics! Can I friend you?

Absolutely! I'll friend back :)

Hey lovie, Hope you don't mind me friending you! Lol we can never have enough friends in the world :)

Love your banner and I adore your stories, they are amazing.

Again hope you don't mind me friending you :)

B x

Thank you!
And I'm friending back :)

So daft, I commented on your post to say I was going to friend you then realised I already had. Sooooo silly at times. Wanted to say that even though it's only the second day I'm loving your hosting on gsd_rtfn You're doing a fantastic job!!


Aw, thanks!!! I'm having so much fun doing it. I'm trying to keep things fun and light, you know?
But yeah, I'm having a blast!

It looks like a lot of fun to run, really glad that your having a blast with it!! :)

Hi hun! Thought I'd friend you here too, if that's alright. :)

Since we seem to come across each other quite a bit (and I check your joural at least twice a week for new fanfic), would you please be my livejournal friend?

Of course!
I can't believe we haven't done this already. Huh.

I stumbled upon your journal in i think the tng page.

Mind adding me?

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